Life Groups

Life Groups are a place where we can develop Life on Life relationships with God and with each other.  These groups will contain a time of sharing life together, a study of God's Written Word, a time of prayer, and will be designed to invite others to learn to connect to God and to each other as part of the group.

We believe that it will be easier for some people to become connected to The Alliance Church of Cheektowaga through an invitation to our living rooms rather than an invitation to a church service.  Life Groups will be held across WNY in the areas those in our congregation live, so that there will be a group that is easy for everyone to be a part of.

The primary focus of Life Groups will be to develop Life on Life relationships with God and others.  We'll do that through intentional times of prayer for each other and for those who aren't part of the group yet.  The Alliance believes that "Prayer is the primary work of God's people."  We believe that when we pray with and for each other we're developing closer-knit relationships with God and with each other.  How can this not be a win-win situation!?!?

In September each of the Life Groups will be going through an introductory study on our groups that is based on material developed by Leonard Sweet.  His focus is on MRI groups.  These groups are Missional, Relational, and Incarnational.  We'll be talking about how Christ is all of those things to us and how we can be those things with and for each other.

Have questions?  Contact PJ for more info!

Check the Calendar for more info on the meeting days, times, and places for our current Life Groups.